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Star Trek Genesis by Jack Lawson

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Star Trek Genesis is a personal retrospective on the Original Series, with analysis and evaluation of all the episodes.

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 Jack Lawson writes: Star Trek Genesis is a very personal look back at the original Star Trek series.  By the time the Animated Series began in 1973 I was a devoted Star Trek fan, having watched all the episodes, many several times.

Star Trek Genesis is aimed at those fans who entered the Star Trek universe with The Next Generation or later and who wonder at all the fuss about the original series.  If it is really as primitive as it appears, how did it gain such iconic status?

Along with valuable introductory material to place the story in its original historical context, Star Trek Genesis takes you step by step through all 78 Star Trek Original Series episodes in the order they originally appeared to trace how it all began.  Each episode has a summary and my evaluation of the episode, as well as remarks on the contribution of the episode to the Star Trek Universe. 

You might be interested in seeing my opinion on your favorite episode.  Good?  Bad? Average? Indispensable?  Abominable?  Read Star Trek Genesis and then write me and tell me what you think of my opinion.  (Address for e-mail on the home page; address for snail mail there and below.) The opinions of two readers are included at the bottom of this page.

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Did you know--

What color is Captain Kirk's uniform?  Find out on p. 93.

What was the last episode in which fans would see Yeoman Rand?  p. 47

Who was the first female helmsman? p. 229

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About the author

Jack Lawson has been a Star Trek fan for most of the last fifty years. He graduated with a Ph.D. in linguistics from the University of Washington, Seattle, in 1980. Learn more about Jack Lawson.

Star Trek Genesis is a private publication.  It is not authorized by CBS or Paramount.

It is an original and personal retrospective.  It is not to be confused with the "Genesis" episode of The Next Generation (seventh season), nor with the Genesis Project of Star Trek II, The Wrath of Khan, nor with the Genesis Wave series of books by John Vornholt.  (And especially not with Genesis II, Gene Roddenberry's non Star Trek pilot.)

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The fans check in

Here are some of the things the customers are saying.

Alicia Garcia of Fresno, California, writes:

I'm one of the folks that saw Star Trek for the first time in the 70's.  I enjoyed it because it presented such a different perspective of the world...and all the possibilities that could or might exist in the future.  Your analysis of Star Trek is very thorough and extensive...I enjoyed reading it.

Victoria Baker of Clovis, California, writes:

I really enjoyed this book!  It provides a comprehensive overview of the original episodes, and gives a peek at how history and current events at the time shaped the making of the show.  I was not a Star Trek fan prior to reading it, but it is filled with interesting facts, and kept my attention the whole way through.  I actually ended up watching the series after reading the book because I wanted to see the characters in person.  I highly recommend this book, even for non-Star Trek fans!

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