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Look below for two romance novels from another publisher, written by popular romance author Gabriela Lawson.  

If you are looking for new science fiction, check out Medflies.  

Voodoo in Savannah by Deirdre Hutchins, a brand new ghost story, is now available for order.  

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Look for a new fantasy novel Strange New World coming soon!  (Number 2 in The Worlds of Jack Lawson)

Science Fiction



By Jack Lawson

Terrans have been colonizing the planet of Olympus for 50 years, not realizing that the strange race of Olympan Natives consider humans dangerous pests. Now the Natives are taking action.

"Ladies and gentlemen, on this planet we are the medflies."

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Paperback edition     $13.99

Perfect bound, 5" X 7", 210 pp.

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(Medflies is also available as an ebook for $3.99 from Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook.)

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Romance Novels

A Pirate's Promise

A Pirate's Promise Romance Novel

By Gabriela Lawson

Elizabeth Cameron is horrified to learn that the gorgeous but infuriating man she lied to is none other than the heir to the Downling Dukedom, Lord Anton Eddington. But he has a secret of his own...

Paperback Edition     $12.99

Perfect bound, 5.5" X 8.5", 304 pp.

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A Count's Caress

A Count's Caress Romance Novel

By Gabriela Lawson

English debutante, Laureene Douglas, accompanies her father to France where she becomes the unexpected houseguest of the darkly handsome French Count, Remi Laroche. But a revolution is at hand...

Paperback Edition     $12.99

Perfect bound, 5.5" X 8.5", 252 pp.

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Horror/ Paranormal Novels

Voodoo in Savannah, novel by Deirdre Hutchins

Voodoo in Savannah


by Deirdre Hutchins

Paranormal Investigators League Book #1

Join the Paranormal Investigators League in their first adventure, as they travel around investigating reports of haunted houses.

The team is used to investigating what people believe to be supernatural occurrences, and usually what they find is not supernatural at all.  But at a certain venerable Steamboat Gothic style house being restored in Savannah, Georgia, the team discovers a genuine ghost.  In their usual way, they exorcise the spirit and everyone is happy - until they discover that a Voodoo curse has left more than one ghost in the house... and one of them is angry.

Paperback edition  $13.99

Perfect bound  5" x 7"  241 pp.

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Also available for Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook.

"It's a way fun read! Great characters. Suspenseful plot!" - Vicky H. of Fresno, CA

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