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What SJVP has to offer

The coronavirus situation is serious and most of us are staying home to help stop its spread.  SJVP is here with great reads to help those at-home hours.  We are also working from home to keep you and our products safe.


Deirdre Hutchins' first ghost story called Voodoo in Savannah, has been our most popular fiction item.  The Paranormal Investigators League went to Arizona after leaving Georgia. That adventure is chronicled in  A Hanging in Tucson.  And, on the Books and Games page, check out the bundle to get both Paranormal adventures for one low price. (This summer the League is going to Southern California.  We'll give you more details as we get them.)

Or you might enter The Worlds of Jack Lawson, a collection of science fiction and fantasy novels.  Worlds #2 is a fantasy speculation called Strange New World.   Worlds #1 is an exciting science fiction novel called Medflies.  And notice the Worlds of Jack Lawson bundle.  Two great reads at one low price. Worlds #3, called Affair of State, is a light-hearted swords and sorcery romp.  Available for order June 2, 2020.


If you can't wait for something new and romantic, check out our two romance novels by Gabriela Lawson.  Okay, they aren't new but they are definitely romantic.  Check out the Novels page for the full offering. Sorry we don't have a bundle price for them but they cost less than our other fiction, and if you get them both and one of Deirdre's ghost stories, say, you can get a free note caddy.  Not a bad deal.

Are you a Star Trek fan?  Jack Lawson left the world of fiction to pen a personal retrospective on Star Trek, the Original Series.  To find out what it's all about, go to the Star Trek Genesis page.

Are you interested in King Arthur?  Do you like wargames? Do you wonder what a wargame is? Check out Eleazar's wargame on the Battles for Prydain  page.  (Unfortunately this is currently the only game we offer. Sorry.)

All these items (except Affair of State) are available for immediate shipping.  And all our books are available signed by the author at no extra cost.  And, remember, shipping in the United States is always free when you order from the website.

SJVP is just starting out so we're still small, but stick around and watch us grow.

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