Meet the Authors of San Joaquin Valley Press

Jack Lawson

Author of Star Trek Genesis and the creator of the Worlds of Jack Lawson.

Jack Lawson has been a Star Trek fan for most of the last fifty years. He graduated with a Ph.D. in linguistics from the University of Washington, Seattle, in 1980, and taught linguistics, English as a second language and Spanish at California State University, Fresno. He retired in 2011 and began to study in preparation for writing Star Trek Genesis. The Worlds of Jack Lawson is a collection of science fiction and fantasy novels that he has written over the years.  (It's a collection of disparate books rather than a series as such.)  He lives in Fresno, California, with his wife, Maria. They have five children and twelve grandchildren, enough to keep them busy even without writing and publishing. 

Jack's books include:


Star Trek Genesis


Medflies (the Worlds of Jack Lawson, Book 1)

Strange New World (the Worlds of Jack Lawson, Book 2)

Affair of State (the Worlds of Jack Lawson Book 3) will be available soon.

Jack Lawson, author of Star Trek Genesis and Medflies

Jack Lawson, author of Star Trek Genesis and Medflies

Gabriela Lawson

Romance novelist

 Gabriela Lawson is a freelance author, poet and playwright originally from Fresno, CA.   She has been an active member of the Woodward Shakespeare Festival as both an actor and director.  She has recently moved to Colorado because, she says, she likes to climb mountains! 

Her romance novels include:

A Pirate's Promise

A Count's Caress

The two novels on our list were originally published several years ago by Brave New Genre.  They were supposed to be part of a trilogy but Gabi's plans were disrupted by a personal crisis and by the tragic death of her previous publisher.  If you like these novels, let us know so we can get the third novel of that trilogy out of Gabi. and maybe even some other stuff!

Gabriela Lawson, Romance Novelist

Gabriela Lawson, Romance Novelist

Deirdre Hutchins

Paranormal Mystery Author

Deirdre Hutchins  lives in Southern California with her husband, three kids and their Silky Terriers, Percy and Ella.  When she’s not writing, she enjoys hiking, teaching drama to kids, and investigating “strange noises” in creepy places.

Deirdre's novels include:

Voodoo in Savannah (Paranormal Investigators League Book 1)

A Hanging in Tucson (Paranormal Investigators League Book 2) 

Deirdre promises to send the Paranormal Investigators League out on other cases.  If you like Voodoo in Savannah, you won't want to miss A Hanging in Tucson.  And I heard a rumor that the League was heading for Southern California next.  Keep watching this space for details.

Deirdre Hutchins, Paranormal Mystery writer

Deirdre Hutchins, Paranormal Mystery writer