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Battles for Prydain

Introducing a board game that simulates tactical level warfare in Britain during the 5th and 6th centuries, the age of King Arthur.  Called Battles for Prydain (Britain in Welsh), the game has eleven scenarios covering the military aspect of this period in a way never before attempted, dealing with the historical King Arthur and his times, not the King Arthur of the fantasy romances.  If you love history and military strategy, you won't want to miss this exclusive game.

Battles for Prydain is shipped in a ziploc bag, with an unmounted map on heavy stock and 296 laser-cut counters.  It includes two booklets (rules in one, scenarios in the other), several cardstock playaids, and one ten-sided die. (See the illustrations below.)

For those who like reading as well as doing, Eleazar has included extensive historical notes.  This is really a spectacular package.

The game is now available for purchase at $50 per copy (CA residents add 8% sales tax) with immediate shipping.  Free shipping in the U.S.  (Foreign customers email us for shipping rates and instructions.) All internet orders use Paypal.

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About the Designer

Eleazar Lawson has been studying military strategy, and playing wargames, since he was very young.  As an Army veteran himself, he knows the value of simulated military campaigns. He is also a surgeon and history buff, recently from Fresno but now in Oregon.  Fresno's great loss is Portland's great gain!

About wargaming

'Wargame' is the generic name for game simulations that have as their purpose recreating historical events in an abstracted but still accurate way.  The rules of a wargame are designed to put you, the player, in the place of the decision makers in the original situation.  It's like having a book on the subject, only here you do it instead of just reading about it.

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